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 UNPUBLISHED WORKS                                      

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1. "Apostolic Right / Apostolic Charge: the Exodus Church & the Exiled Church (Eduard Schillebeeckx' Ministry & Rosemary Radford Ruther's Women-Church Revisited," by Richard J. Beauchesne.

2. "The Nuptial Analogy (Christ Relates to the Church as a Husband Relates to His Wife) Used as THE Theological Argument Against Women's Ordination," (A Flawed Analogy), by Richard Beauchesne.

3. Bibliography (ca. 1995): "Masculine Masculine Spirituality," by Richard J. Beauchesne                            

4. Meditation on Mark 5, 1-16: The Liberation of the Man Living among the Tombs. (Trying to make sense of Christianity: away from 'history' [fundamentalism] towards 'existence'[the correct understanding of myths]), by Richard J. Beauchesne.

5. Brief Essay on the Origin of the Papacy (from Service & Sign of Unity to Power), by Richard J. Beauchesne.