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It's a celebration of Richard's life


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1. My parents, Alcide & Maria, in 1930, the year they were married on January 14 in Saint-Valère de Bulstrode, Québec (Click here).

>2 recent photos (2010) of St-Valère Church: Photo # 1: click here--> (Church alone); Photo # 2: click here--> (Church & Rectory)

         When my parents married, my mother was 39, (soon to be 40, born on February 15, 1891  ) and my father was also 39 (soon to be 40, born on June 1, 1891). (Click here.)

     I was born on January 11, 1933, at 8 A.M., in the second floor apartment (back-right) of the tripple decker in the background of the above 1930 photo (on Branch St. in Lowell, MA). The building (which has since burned down) was next to one of the five Oblate of Mary Immaculate (O.M.I.) Franco-American Churches in Lowell, Notre-Dame de Lourdes, where I was baptized on the same day as Joseph Richard Réginald Marie. The baptizing priest was Fr. Adolphe Fortier, O.M.I. (Mother was 43 when I was born.)

2. Click here--> A 1937 Family photo (from l. to r.: Maria, 47, my mother; René, 2, my brother; Richard, 4; Alcide, 47, my father; Normand, 19, my brother.

      Richard's immediate family: click here-->'S IMMEDIATE FAMILY.pdf 

     René was born at 9 P.M.,on March 18, 1935, in Lowell, MA. He was baptized Joseph René Germain-Marie, at Notre-Dame de Lourdes Church. (Mother was 45 when René was born.)

    René and I were preceded by an older brother unnamed and stillborn on July 28, 1931. In our mother Maria's diary, we read for the date July 28, 1931: "Notre bébé Beauchesne est mort." (Mother was 41.)

     About Normand, please, see My Brother Normand's Page.

Other photos:

1. Click here--> Mother in her twenties

2. Click here--> Father in his early twenties with friends (from l. to r. on the photo, the fifth one standing.

3. Click here--> Mother in her thirties

4. Click here--> Mother in the driver's seat (1918) 

5. Click here--> Mother with her cousin Patrick, an actor who lived in NY City. Mother is seated; yes, Patrick, standing, is a male! (ca. 1918)

6. Click here--> Mother at 92 (1983)

7. Click here--> My maternal grandmother Élise (at the extreme right). Next to her (on her right) stands her sister (Pauline?) casting a disgusting look at the two love birds, my uncle Alphonse (my mother's youngest brother) kissing his wife, my aunt Thérèse (ca. 1920).

8. Click here--> Our home in Lowell, MA. My parents bought this house in 1941. My father died in 1950, but my mother, Maria, lived there from 1941 to 1985 (44 years). She passed away in her home on Sunday, October 27, 1985 at 5.45 P.M. She was 94 years of age. (Her older sister, Anna, died in 1996 at the age of 109.)