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A. Reception day of the 'junioriste' cross: Photos of my class, St. Joseph H.S. Seminary, Bucksport, ME, Feb. 17, 1948. From this day on (Feb. 17 - the day celebrating the pontifical approval of the Oblate Rules) till the novitiate year (6 years  later), seminarians wrote j.o.m.i. after their name (i.e., Junioriste Oblat de Marie-Immaculée).

  • Two photos of my High School Seminary 1947-48 class:

1. In the chapel seminary

2. Outside, in front of the seminary building called then "The Classique"

1. Photo # 1: Click --> In the chapel photo: (From extreme left going up diagonally for each group of names):

A. Carl Capen, Norman Meunier, Charles Colette, Henri Drouin (see bottom photo), myself, on my left, ? L'Heureux (see bottom photo);

B. (starting from first row, up diagonally), ? Boudreau (Ti-Coq), Paul Boucher, ?, John Benoit;

C. Maurice Jean (Mo Jean), Roger Lamoureux (Red), ?, Joseph Campbell, (on his left ?);

D. Gerard Beauchesne, Normand Grégoire, Raymond Chandonnet, ?, ? Labranche, (on his left, Charles Breault?);

E. Roger Cyr, Robert Gosselin, Marcel Leclerc, ?; 

F. ?, Henri Pellerin (H.P.), hidden?, ? Baillargeon;

G. Hector St-Jean, Albert Richard (Slugger);

H. Henri Gagné.

     2. Photo # 2.  Click - -> Outside, the same Bucksport 1948 class photo (some seminarians have changed place from where they were in the first photo) taken in front of the building called 'Le Classique' (now torn down).

About the village of Bucksport, ME:

      From left to right:

1st row: myself, Charles Breault, Roger Cyr, Maurice Jean, Henry Pellerin, George Sirois, Ronald Carrignan;

2nd row: Gerard Cayer, Robert Lacasse, Carl Capen, Guillermo Saldaña, Roger Lamoureux, George Capen. Albert Richard.

P.S. Among the 14 novices in the photo, 11 were ordained: 10 as Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI). As 05/07/09, all are alive; 1 as Savadorean.

Among the 10 ordained as Oblates, 7 have remained in the presbyteral ministry; 4 have left.

B. Oblate Related Photos Taken by Roger during Our September 2003 Trip to Paris

1. Click -> Cardinal Joseph Hypollite Guibert, O.M.I, Archbishop of Paris, who built the Sacré-Coeur of Montmartre Basilica: His monumental statue in the Crypt of Sacré-Coeur, holding a replica of the basilica.

2. Click -> A close-up of the above photo.

The Oblate motto and blazon engraved on the floor of the Crypt in front of Cardinal Guibert's statue.

3. Click -> Photo # 1

4. Click -> Photo # 2

5. Click -> Cardinal Guibert was consecrated bishop by Bishop St-Eugène De Mazenod, the founder of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (O.M.I.).  Here are the main events, outline form, of Cardinal Guibert's life.

6. Click -> An interesting note: Bishop St-Eugène De Mazenod was consecrated bishop by a cardinal who eventually resigned the cardinalate to become a Jesuit. Here are the main events, outline form, of the life of St-Eugène's episcopal consecrator, Fr. (retired Bishop-Cardinal) Carlo Odescalchi, S.J.

7. Click -> a. The main events, outline form, of St-Eugène's life.

N.B. Photos of the 3 prelates referred to above (see hyperlink below):

(1) Bishop St-Eugène de Mazenod (center), founder of the OMI;

(2) Cardinal Hippolyte Guibert, O.M.I. (left), consecrated bishop by Bishop St-Eugène de Mazenod & builder of Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre;

(3) (Retired) Cardinal Carlo Odescalchi, S.J. (right), bishop consecrator of St-Eugène de Mazenod.

-To see these 3 above photos, please, click here.

-Portrait of Cardinal Guibert, O.M.I.,  click here.

7a. Click -> b. St. Eugene de Mazenod is the patron saint of whom? (Found in a museum shop in Santa Fe, NM) 

The Basilica of Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre.

8. Click -> Photo # 1

9. Click -> Photo # 2

10. Click -> Photo # 3

10a. Beautiful Photo from the Internet:

Click ->

11. Click -> Gargoyles on the Basilica

12. Click -> A horse

13. Click -> An other horse

14. Click -> Roger on the steps leading to the Basilica

The autobus, ironically, commutes visitors between 'heaven' and 'hell' (i.e., between Sacré-Coeur - on top of the huge hill - and Place Pigalle / Moulin Rouge / Paris Red Light Zone - at the bottom of the hill).

15. Click -> The autobus

16. Click -> Moulin Rouge

17. Click -> Place Pigalle / +Also --> (Within Wikipedia, use translation mechanism to translate Italian text into English, if desired.) Click here-->

18. Click --> Paris on the way to Sacré-Coeur.

N.B. For photos of the inside of Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre, you may do a google search: for example,

(1) Click here -->,_Paris.

(2) Click here -->

(3) Click here -->

(4) Click here --> 

20. NOTRE-DAME DE LUMIÈRE (Aix-en-Provence, France)

(I took this photo, June 3, 1975.  Then, it was a home for retired French Oblate priests.)

1. Click here for photo of Notre-Dame de Lumière. 

2. Click below for the history of Notre-Dame de Lumière.

21. A restaurant in Rome: FRS. CHARLES BREAULT, O.M.I. & FRANCIS GEORGE, O.M.I.

(now Cardinal-Archbishop of Chicago)

(I took this photo on June 6, 1975)


22. More on Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I: CLICK BELOW:

Photo: Click here --> Francis Cardinal George

Also click here -->

23. Golden Jubilee (1959-2009) of my ordination class.  The following slides have been prepared by me (and are in the process of being improved by Roger) for my friend and classmate, Fr. George Capen, O.M.I. (Please, have your speakers on and click on 'full page'.)

Click here->

24. RE: Oblates of Mary Immaculate, see also: click on hyperlink below.


25.History of the St-Jean-Baptiste OMI Province - The Franco-American OMI Province I belonged to from 1947-1988: click on hyperlink below.

26. The St-Jean-Baptiste Province is now part of the US Province. Click below.

27. Archbishop Denis Hurley, O.M.I., along with Anglican Archbishop Tutu, South African Catholic bishop against APARTHEID: Books by and about Archbishop Hurley: Click here. 




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