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It's a celebration of Richard's life


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1. René & Chris: Click here.

2. René, Grand Daughter Mia, & Chris:  Click here.

3Photo of René & Chris with Richard.  Click here.

4. Photo of René & Chris's grandchildren: at the center, Isa; from the bottom of the picture and clockwise : Tayla, Emma, Connor, Dylan, and Mia.  Click here.


  • René's son, Jean-Paul and his wife, Jeannie.Click here.
  • René's daughter, Michelle and her husband, Eric. Click here.
  • René's grandchildren: taylor & Dylan (Jean-Paul & Jeannie's children).Click here.
  • René with his children, Michelle & Jean-Paul.
  • René with his grandchildren,Taylor and Dylan..
  • René's grandchildren, Michelle and Eric's children, Connor and Emma.
  • René and his daughter, Michelle.
  • René's son and daughter, Jean-Paul & Michelle.
  • Marilyn, mother, & René, father, of daughter, Michelle & son, Jean-Paul. Click here.
  • René with grandsons Connor & Dylan, and grandgaughtes, Emma, & Taylor.Click here.
  • Chris, Jeannie, & Michelle. Click here.
  • My niece, Michelle (my brother René's daughter) Click here--> of MICHELLE BEAUCHESNE-CELLIST
        and here --> (Please, have your speakers on.)


On photo, (L to R, standing: David [Sr], Julia, Kim, René, Chris, Sharon, David [Jr] & Matt; sitting: Connie & Mia [Sharon's daughter]).

Kristen,  --see picture below--[sons & daughters of David Sr. & Chris]; Connie

(B) Kristen & Jason; Isa & Joely. Click here.  

     (C) A new grandchild, Joely, daughter of Jason & Kristen (Chris'daughter), and sister of Isa(belle). Click on hyperlink below. 

            Photo 1: Jason & Kristen with Joely; Photo 2: Kristen with Isa & Joely.  Click here.


Richard, my brother -- A page from René's life story.  Click here.

Two photos of René and Richard.  Click here.