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It's a celebration of Richard's life


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1. Photo of Normand (1956)

2. Little Normand with his little sister, Jeannette, and little brother, Robert (Bob) -- ca. 1923.

     (Jeannette died at ca. 4 years old [ca. 1925? see below]; Normand, at 49 years old in 1967; and Robert, at 59 years old in 1981.)

3. A second photo of little Normand with his little sister Jeannette.  (My father's hand is seen holding Jeannette.)

4. Photos of the mother (Evélina Roy, my father's first wife) and our father (Alcide Beauchesne),

     Evélina and Alcide are the the parents of Normand, Jeannette, and Robert (Bob).

     Robert was born on July 6, 1922 and his mother, Evélina, died 7 days later, on July 13, 1922, at the age of 27, 10 months, and 13 days. Our Dad, Alcide, at the time, had just turned 32 years old on June 1.

     According to my mother's diary, (Marie) Jeannette -- Alcide and Evélina's 2nd child -- had died 2 years earlier, August 2, 1920. However, it is not clear in my mother's Diary if August 2, 1920, is the date of Jeannette's birth or death.

     Evélina and Alcide (my father) are the grandparents of Bob and Dot's children: Jeannette, Janine, Jackie, Rob, and Rich. (See My Brother Bob's Page.)

      Were they still alive in 2009, Normand would be 88 (February 15, 1918); (Marie) Jeannette, about 86 (August 2? 1920?); and Robert (July 6, 1922), 84.

      In 2009, Richard is 76 (January 11, 1933); and René is soon to be 74 (March 18, 1935).

5. Normand with his little brothers, René and Richard (ca. 1938); and with his cousin, Dora.

6. St-Jean Baptiste Oblate St-Joseph Juniorate (H.S. Seminary), Colebrook, NH (1933); and Normand with the Seminary orchestra.

          (Fr. Victor Alexandre, O.M.I. [in the photo], conductor; and Normand [standing second from right],  saxaphonist.)

7. Normand's Ordination Class (1944) (From l. to r. sitting, Frs. Anatole Lessard, Aldor Boisvert, Alban LeHoullier, Charle Morreau, Leo Staves; standing, Normand Beauchesne, Dieudonné Brousseau, Ernest (?) Blain, Alphonse Fournier, Francis Mitchel, Raoul Chabot)