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Photos of Yves Cardinal Congar, O.P. & Alia

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Click here: --> Père Congar and Richard Beauchesne (after I interviewed Congar on tape, now a CD), Paris, Couvent St-Jacques, May 26, 1975

My 1974 interview (on tape) with Père Congar will be published here later.  The text of an excerpt of the interview can be found here. Click here --> Yves Congar on Women's Ordination (Excerpted from a 1975 Paris Interview conducted by .Richard J. Beauchesne with Footnote Commentaries by the Interviewer). 

Click here: --> Père Congar at the Vatican Congress, March 1982 (Photo taken by Dr. J. Robert Nelson, my doctoral advisor at Boston University

Click here: --> Dominican Pères Yves (Marie-Joseph) Congar and Marie-Dominique Chenu

(Contributed by Fr. Michel Albaric, O.P. from les Archives de la Province Dominicaine de France)

Cardinal Congar's photos on the cover of 5 books published by Les Édition du Cerf, Paris.

Click --> Photo # 1 (Yves Congar, Mon journal du Concile I, [with Congar's handwriting] par Congar) (in the 1960's)

Click -- > Photo # 2 (Yves Congar, Mon journal du Council II, [with Congar's hand- writing], par Congar)

Click --> Photo # 3 (Yves Congar, Journal d'un théologien , 1946-1956, par Congar)

Click -- > Photo # 4 (Le Père Congar - La théologie au service du Peuple de Dieu - par Père Jossua, O.P.)

Click --> Photo # 5 (Journal de la GUERRE, 1914-1918 [with sketches], par Congar)

Click here --> © Authorization from Les Éditions du Cerf, Paris  

Click here: --> Yves Cardinal Congar, O.P., after receiving the red zucchetto, birreta, and ring from Jean Cardinal Willebrands, in October 1994, at Les Invalides, Paris.  The red zucchetto and birreta were purchased by the Cardinal's nephew, Dominique Congar (who called his uncle 'oncle Vonet'). The purchase was done under the Cardinal's order. At the age of 90, Père Congar was very happy to be created cardinal: "Il était heureux comme un enfant", said Père Gy, O.P., Prior of the Couvent St-Jacques, Paris.

(Contributed by Fr. Michel Albaric, O.P. from les Archives de la Province Dominicaine de France, Bibliothèque du Saulchoir, Paris. See photo --> Click here.)

Click--> Père Congar (on the right), World War II prisoner of the German at Lubeck

Click--> Fathers Congar and Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI)

(during Vatican II Council)

Click--> Cardinal Congar Aux Invalides (1)

Click--> Cardinal Congar Aux Invalides with Theologian Denise S. Blakebrough (2)

Click--> Cardinal Congar's signature ca. 1990, prefaced by a message of his written by someone else 

RE: Congar, Vatican II and the cardinalate,click -->,%2BO.P.%26hl%3Den&ei=yADNSt2hEIqMjAfCgKmpDw

Click here: --> Père Congar's Preface to my doctoral dissertation (Eng. Tr. & French)

Click here: --> After reviewing a copy of the last draft of my Ph.D thesis (which I had mailed to him in Paris), Père Congar, along with the Preface, mailed me a communiqué with his remarks. Each remark corresponds to notations on the thesis' margin. (December 13, 1974)

Click here (then, click on photo to enlarge): -->  Photo taken in Paris, on May 24, 1976, from l'Église de la Madeleine. In the background, the dome is that of Les Invalides (Veterans Hospital) where Congar resided from 1988 till his death in June of 1995. Les Invalides is where he was created Cardinal in October 1994. (Notice the similarity between this view of Place de la Concorde (obelisk)  &  Les Invalides (dome) from La Madeleine on the one hand,  and the Washington Monument & Capital in Wash. DC. from the Lincoln Monument on the other, which the French architech, L'Enfant, designed.)

Photo of Les Invalides taken by my cousin, François Vigneault. Click here.

For more on Les Invalides (the dome):

English: Click here: -->  

French: Click here: -->

For more on Place de la Concorde (the obelisk)

Click here -->

For more on L'Enfant,

Click here: -->'Enfant 

VIDEO: Père Congar interviewed on Ecumenism & Vatican II (Jan. 21, 1964). The interview is in French and the quality, mediocre. Still, the video allows the viewer to experience the  passion and sincerity of the Père Congar's voice and presence at age 60. (I interviewed Père Congar on tape 11 years later on May 26, 1975, at the Couvent-Saint-Jacques in Paris. [See above where a text excerpt of the 1975 tape is provided. The full text and audio versions will be published here at a later date. It is presently being considered for publication in France.])

To see the 1964 CONGAR VIDEO, click on hyperlink below.

 YVES CARDINAL CONGAR, O.P. -- WIKIPEDIA (Online Encyclopedia)

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PUBLISHED ARTICLES by Richard J. Beauchesne on

Yves Cardinal Congar, O.P.


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