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1.List of popes: click here.

2.Who was the first bishop of Rome? Click here.

3.Interesting facts about popes: click here.

4.Frequently asked questions about popes: click here.

5.THE GOOD POPES: click here. (To access English text, click on the English flag.)

6.THE BAD POPES: (10 worst popes of all time): click here

.       or here -->

7.THE OK POPES (with exceptions!): see above 'List of popes' discounting the bad ones.

8.A pope to remember: Alexander VI (Borgia). Click here.

-Two photos of Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Cardinal Borgia): click here.

                -A third photo of Alexander VI: click here-->    sa-i1735008/bourdet-pope-alexander-vi.htm?sorig=cat&sorigid=192382&dimvals=192382&ui=c5aff3684c164eb19363c388c3ec9bb7